Quick guide to cable fault location

Cable fault location is a process which helps you in navigating your way around different cable faults that could be invisible to the naked eye which can often result in power cut in several homes. The process is a bit complicated but needs to be carried out with safety and precision for good results. Here is a step by step representation on how to carry out the task:

  • If there is a fault found in any of the protection device’s end then we believe both ends would’ve tripped which would be isolated around. The first step in such case would be to isolate the cable from both sides, and then ground the both ends. After carefully moving your way around, when everything seems fine only then move to the testing procedure.
  • Cable identification is also one of the most important steps in this procedure because if you identify the wrong cable to work on, you may end up messing up the whole process which can result in longer outages of the connected customers. Mistakes at this stage could also be fatal.
  • Just like the underground pipe detector, you may find a need of cable detectors which could help you in navigating the path around. This is a necessary step to make sure that the cable which you are working on is going in the right direction as they could be laid out in several different directions.
  • Now you will move on to detecting the fault and seeing which part of the phase it is that is faulted. Once you have done that, you will need to see whether the current or fault is low resistance or high resistance.
  • Pinpointing method needs to be used in the next step which would help you narrow down the path through the acoustic methods and the sound navigation around.
  • Once all the tests are carried out and you have got all the necessary information needed, then you need to hand the cable to professionals so they can carry out with their tasks and reintegrate the cable in places where needed.

You need to be extremely careful about the process because it can be very dangerous if right precautionary methods are not taken. Any mistake can prove to be fatal. Don’t go through it.